I'm Niel Bezrookove, a writer, new media artist, and researcher. I was born in the Netherlands, studied mathematics and Latin at Marecollege Vrijeschool in Leiden, and graduated from the University of California, San Diego in 2018 with a degree in Cognitive Science (B.Sc.). I was a resident at the Culture, Art, Technology department of the University of California, San Diego and had my work appear in the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego. I'm currently a master student at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, pursuing an M.A. in Logic and Philosophy of Science.

My research interests include philosophy of science and technology (Aristotle, Pre-Socratic Greek philosophy, Martin Heidegger, Norbert Weiner, Hillary Putnam); postmodern aesthetics; evolutionary psychology (Tomasello, van Fraasen); philosophy of mathematics (Gotlieb Frege, Norbert Weiner); and metaphysics (Putnam, Edward Zalta, Alexius Meinong). I've lectured on philosophy, cognitive science, and systems theory.

My creative work is in contemporary art & avant-garde music. I've been part of several performance groups including La Montagne, Casi Casi, and Bill's Acountant. My own projects include Smogcat, Tomo Takino, and The Wretched Excess.

Recently published "The Pupa Woman," (Gumroad link) a contemporary work of fiction concerning technology and desire. Founder, editor, typographer of NEKO GIRL MAGAZINE, the first academic journal for Fujo-Bataille studies. Currently writing two long-form works, which are tentatively named "Jester" and "Swords Under the Phosphor Sky." You can read a shortened and serialized version of "Swords Under the Phosphor Sky" at Andata Express' Holohaus.

I write fiction and philosophy at my Substack.

I write very occasionally at FATE OF THE HUMAN CARBINE.

I can be contacted at nbezrook@ucsd.edumy academia.edu page.